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    Etumax Royal Honey In Pakistan
    Etumax Royal Honey In Pakistan  7,500
    1. For A Distinguished Sexual Activity.
    2. No Impotence, No Infertility
    3. An Instant Energy Source.
    4. Supports The Immune System.
    5. For Better Body Muscular Build-Up.
    6. Improves Blood Circulation.
    7. Enforces Memory And Brain Functions
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    Golden Royal Honey In Pakistan
    Golden Royal Honey In Pakistan  7,000
    Alleviate cardiovascular ailments. Remedy liver disease, pancreatic, insomnia, fatigue, ulcers, and digestive and skin disorders. Reduce tiredness and overwork, asthenia, anxiety states, insomnia, and anorexia. Enhancing the synthesis of testosterone.
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    Etumax Royal Honey In Pakistan
    Royal Honey In Pakistan  7,500

    Reproductive System Health – Being a product of nature, royal honey possesses nutrients that decrease the risk of prostate illness and other reproductive system conditions.

    Country of Origin: MADE IN MALAYSIA

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    Vital Honey in Pakistan
    Vital Honey in Pakistan  8,000
    • Radix Eurycoma Longifolia Extract : 0.2g
    • Radix Panax Ginseng Powder : 0.2g
    • Bee Larva Powder : 0.2g
    • Cinnamon Extract : 0.05
    • Pure Honey : 14.35g
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